1305580222 – Social Psychology (MindTap for Psychology)

1305580222 – Social Psychology (MindTap for Psychology) by Saul Kassin

1305580222 - Social Psychology (MindTap for Psychology)
1305580222 -Distinguished by its current-events emphasis, the aim to bring the outside world into the field of social psychology, strong diversity coverage, and engaging connections drawn between social psychology and students’ everyday lives, SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY, Tenth Edition, remains one of the most scholarly and well-written texts in its field. The book integrates classic and contemporary research, and includes comprehensive coverage of social cognition and evolutionary psychology as well as authoritative material on social psychology and the law. Coverage of culture and diversity is integrated into every chapter by Hazel Rose Markus, a leader and respected researcher in the study of cultural psychology. A newsy, relevant, and up-to-date photo program complements the narrative. The text is available with MindTap, a digital learning experience that features dynamic assignments and applications that you can personalize, real-time course analytics, and a reader.





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Category: Psychotherapy
ISBN: 1305580222
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Saul Kassin
Pub Date: 3/1/2016


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