130384976 – The Roy Adaptation Model (3rd Edition)

130384976 – The Roy Adaptation Model (3rd Edition) by Sister Callista Roy

130384976 - The Roy Adaptation Model (3rd Edition)
130384976 -A thoroughly revised and updated book, this definitive new edition reflects the latest advances in the popular Roy Adaptation Model, one of the most widely implemented nursing theories. Compact and consistent, this book focuses on the essentials of nursing practice and theory while integrating the conceptual framework of the Model into contemporary practice. Standardized nursing NANDA diagnoses are used consistently throughout the book. New case studies are included in all adaptive mode chapters. Practicing Nurses interested in a definitive guide to theRoy Adaptation Model.





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Category: Nursing Issues, Trends & Roles
ISBN: 130384976
Binding: Paperback
Author: Sister Callista Roy
Pub Date: 10/6/2008


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