1284104699 – Nutrition in Public Health

1284104699 – Nutrition in Public Health by Sari Edelstein

1284104699 - Nutrition in Public Health
1284104699 -Thoroughly revised and updated, Nutrition in Public Health explores the complex, multifaceted array of programs and services that exist in the United States today that are dedicated to bettering population health through improved nutrition. The Fourth Edition explores the subject by first considering how nutrition fits into public health and then by examining policymaking, assessment and intervention methods, special populations, food security, and program management.

New & Key Features of the Fourth Edition:

NEW – Includes a new chapter on Grantwriting
NEW – New Case Studies, added to each chapter, help reinforce key concepts an apply them to real-world scenarios
UPDATED – An updated chapter flow better alligns to course offerings
Learning Objectives establish the chapter’s desired outcomes to the reader
Issues for Discussion questions allow readers to apply what has been learned in each chapter and assess their understanding of the conten





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Category: Nutrition
ISBN: 1284104699
Binding: Paperback
Author: Sari Edelstein
Pub Date: 2/23/2017


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