1284100553 – Essentials Of The U.S. Health Care System

1284100553 – Essentials Of The U.S. Health Care System by Leiyu Shi

1284100553 - Essentials Of The U.S. Health Care System
1284100553 -Essentials of the U.S. Health Care System, Fourth Edition is a clear and concise distillation of the major topics covered in the best-selling Delivering Health Care in America by the same authors. Designed for undergraduate and graduate students in programs across the health disciplines, Essentials of the U.S. Health Care System is a reader-friendly, well organized resource that covers the major characteristics, foundations, and future of the U.S. health care system. The text clarifies the complexities of health care organization and finance and presents a solid overview of how the various components fit together. Readers will gain the necessary tools to understand the unique dynamics of the U.S. health care system, including health care delivery, public policy, and the placement of the U.S. health care system within the larger context of global health care. This fully revised Fourth Edition has been updated with the most current health statistics and information including: • The status and impact of the Affordable Care Act on all parts of the health care delivery system • Implementation of Healthy People 2020 • The current U.S. physician workforce and challenges • New topics such as nanomedicine; clinical decision support systems; HITECH Law; update on remote monitoring; regulation of biologics; and medical technology • Health disparities in terms of access to care, quality of care, and health outcomes • Quality initiatives from government and private sectors • U.S. health care delivery in the context of forces of future change





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Category: Textbooks
ISBN: 1284100553
Binding: Paperback
Author: Leiyu Shi
Pub Date: 12/8/2015


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