1284094634 – Essentials of Health Care Finance

1284094634 – Essentials of Health Care Finance by William O. Cleverley

1284094634 - Essentials of Health Care Finance
1284094634 -Essentials of Health Care Finance provides health management students and executives with the most authoritative text on financial decision-making in the health care industry.

This trusted resource explores finance theory and its practical application in health care across a full range of facilities, from hospitals and home health agencies to skilled nursing facilities, surgical centers and private physician practices.

The vast, complex nature of the U.S. health care system renders traditional approaches to finance insufficient. Importantly, Essentials of Health Care Finance couches its discussion of economics, accounting and financial topics firmly within the unique context of the health care industry.

Relevant and readable, this Eighth Edition of Essentials of Health Care Finance is fully revised and updated with current, real-world examples of financial problems and solutions as well as the latest financial ratio standards. This new edition also introduces ICD-10 coding and offers comprehensive coverage of the impact of the Affordable Care Act in all relevant chapters.

New to the Eighth Edition:
• All chapters updated with current examples and the latest financial ratio standards
• Coverage of new topics throughout including, the introduction of ICD-10 coding, the impact of the ACA
• New discussion of ACOs including ACO type cost variance analysis
• Expanded coverage of specific costing of encounters using charge code level data
• New discussion of capital project analysis in a health care system framework with corporate decision making
• New discussion and examples of hospital acquisition of physician practices





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Category: Administration & Medicine Economics
ISBN: 1284094634
Binding: Paperback
Author: William O. Cleverley
Pub Date: 2/21/2017


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