1284049965 – Applied Clinical Informatics for Nurses

1284049965 – Applied Clinical Informatics for Nurses by Susan Alexander

1284049965 - Applied Clinical Informatics for Nurses
1284049965 -Applied Clinical Informatics for Nurses focuses on teaching beginning nursing students the practical, need-to-know information for effective use of informatics in the clinical setting.
This textbook is designed to assist educators in creating significant and practical learning experiences for nursing students in clinical informatics. As the field of clinical informatics continues to expand, it is necessary for all students to have a minimum level of competence around the principles and application of informatics.

The text employs a contextually based teaching approach to promote clinical decision making, ethical conduct, and problem solving, making it a practical handbook for both faculty and students. Clear chapter objectives and chapter summaries form the organization of the content. Content throughout the text reflects the a variety of important topics that have been identified as strategic priorities by agencies such as the National Institute for Nursing Research and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Key Pedagogical Features Include:
Case Studies
Key Points
Glossary of key term
Digital ancillaries to support the text

Real-world topics covered include:
Fall prevention
Bar coding
Pharmacy Management





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Category: Family Practice: Books
ISBN: 1284049965
Binding: Paperback
Author: Susan Alexander
Pub Date: 3/19/2014


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