1284038874 – Gerontology for the Health Care Professional

1284038874 – Gerontology for the Health Care Professional by Regula H. Robnett

1284038874 - Gerontology for the Health Care Professional
1284038874 -Gerontology for the Health Care Professional, Third Edition is a comprehensive, practical text covering the evolving field of gerontology, written for health care students and professionals. Written by experts across many health professions, Gerontology for the Health Care Professional, Third Edition presents an up-to-date and realistic view on the aging process. With topics presented in an introductory fashion, this book covers all the important aspects of aging and instills an appreciation for the multidimensional aspects of aging for those who are working with and caring for elderly patients or clients. Each chapter includes objectives, chapter outlines, cast studies, multiple-choice review questions, and learning activities.

The Third Edition begins with chapters on different aspects of the aging process. Later chapters explore various issues that are of primary importance to the older population. This comprehensive, accessible text concludes with the future concerns of an aging society. There is also an epilogue encouraging all health care professionals to embrace patient or client advocacy, especially for older adults.

New to the Third Edition

Chapter on dental issues: An Oral Perspective on Healthy Aging and Prevention for the Older Adult
More Case Studies
New Test Bank
New Epilogue
More information on policy and legislative issues, patient advocacy, ethics, elder abuse, cultural issues, communication issues, and social theories of aging
Updated information, statistics, and census data
Expand dementia section to include comparing and contrasting delirium and dementia, and including more about different types of dementia such as Lewy Body Dementia, and Parkinsonian Dementia
Expanded information on sleep disorders and continence
Expanded medication therapy management services section including Beers list, new drugs, and links to up-to-date medication information
Latest information on obesity
More information on sexuality for institutionalized adults, universal design in the community (elder friendly cities), technology to promote independence, and international data including examples of old age care from around the world

PowerPoint Presentations, Instructor’s Manual, Answer Key, Discussion Questions

Companion Website, including: Crossword Puzzles, Matching Exercises, Glossary, Flashcards, Web Link





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Category: Geriatrics
ISBN: 1284038874
Binding: Paperback
Author: Regula H. Robnett
Pub Date: 12/11/2013


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