1284026264 – Curriculum Development in Nursing Education

1284026264 – Curriculum Development in Nursing Education by Carroll L. Iwasiw

1284026264 - Curriculum Development in Nursing Education
1284026264 -Curriculum Development in Nursing Education, Third Edition provides nursing students with the theory and practical ideas necessary to develop an evidence-based, context-relevant, unified curriculum. Throughout the text the authors guide students to develop this type of curriculum with an emphasis on a concept-based curriculum. The Third Edition also emphasizes the importance of a conceptually and visually unified curriculum and offers ideas on how to achieve this throughout the text.
The Third Edition focuses on the concepts of faculty development, ongoing appraisal, and scholarship which are new to nursing education literature. This text includes a chapter dedicated to each of these concepts: curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation as well as concrete examples around how to execute them. New content also addresses development, implementation, and evaluation of a curriculum offered via distance learning.

New to the Third Edition:
• Continued emphasis on the development of evidence-informed, context-relevant, and unified nursing curriculums
• New sections on designing a concept-based curriculum and concept-based courses
• Exploration of new ideas around readiness for curriculum implementation including fidelity of implementation
• Expanded section on distance learning in nursing education featuring ideas around exemplary teaching

Key Features:
• Specific examples around the development of an evidence-based curriculum
• In-depth coverage of the role of faculty development, ongoing appraisal, and scholarship as core processes of curriculum work
• Instruction for how to design concept based courses
• Brain-based learning





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Category: Nursing Administration & Management
ISBN: 1284026264
Binding: Paperback
Author: Carroll L. Iwasiw
Pub Date: 7/31/2014


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