1284021025 – Multicultural Health

1284021025 – Multicultural Health by Lois A. Ritter

1284021025 - Multicultural Health
1284021025 -Fully updated and expanded, the Second Edition of Multicultural Health serves as a comprehensive guide for healthcare workers in any cultural community. Focusing on differences in cultural beliefs about health and illness, and models for cross-cultural health and communication, this text helps students and professionals learn effective ways to implement health promotion programs and program evaluation across cultures.

– NEW! – Full color design and art program
– NEW! – A Student Activity added to each chapter to challenge student comprehension.
– NEW! – Two new Feature Boxes Added to each chapter titled, What do you think? and Did you Know?, to engage readers and enhance critical thinking.
– NEW! – Chapter 3, Worldview and Health Decisions provides information about the ways that worldview and communication impacts health, the provision of health services, health care decisions, and communication





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Category: Administration & Medicine Economics
ISBN: 1284021025
Binding: Paperback
Author: Lois A. Ritter
Pub Date: 2/26/2016


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