1259988597 – Read, Reason, Write 11e MLA 2016 UPDATE

1259988597 – Read, Reason, Write 11e MLA 2016 UPDATE by Dorothy U. Seyler

1259988597 - Read, Reason, Write 11e MLA 2016 UPDATE
1259988597 –Read, Reason, Write unites instruction in critical reading and analysis, argument, and research strategies with a rich collection of readings that provide both practice for these skills and new ideas and insights for readers.

Read, Reason, Write is committed to showing students how reading, analytic, argumentative, and research skills are interrelated and how these skills combine to develop each student’s critical thinking ability.

Connect Composition supports instruction across multiple semesters and courses with interactive exercises, online learning videos, enriched ebook materials,annotation and writing tools, and much more!

LearnSmart Achieve– a continuously adaptive learning system that pinpoints students’ individual strengths and weaknesses and provides personalized support to help them master key topics and material. LearnSmart Achieve provides foundational support on key course areas such as the writing process, critical reading, the research process, reasoning and argument, grammar and common sentence problems, punctuation and mechanics, style and word choice, and multilingual writer support.
Power of Process – a critical reading and writing tool that guides students through instructor-chosen strategies and helps them engage directly with a text through highlighting,annotation, and short answer questions.
Analytics– Progress dashboards that quickly show how you are performing on your assignments and tips for improvement.





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Category: Speech
ISBN: 1259988597
Binding: Paperback
Author: Dorothy U. Seyler
Pub Date: 12/21/2016


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