1259712281 – Employee Benefits

1259712281 – Employee Benefits by Joseph J. Martocchio

1259712281 - Employee Benefits
1259712281 –

Course Overview by Author: Employee benefits refer to compensation other than hourly wage, salary, or incentive payments.Benefits programs are characterized by: Protection, Paid Time Off, and Accommodation and Enhancement.

Protection programs – provide family benefits, promote health, and guard against income loss caused by catastrophic factors such as unemployment, disability, and serious illnesses.

Paid time-off policies – compensate employees when they are not performing their primary work duties, for example, vacation and holidays.

Accommodation and enhancement benefits – promote opportunities for employees and their families, including stress management classes, flexible time, and tuition reimbursement.

Text Overview: Practical approach. Commonly referenced by HR practitioners. Contains 12 chapters, organized into 4 parts: (1) Introduction to Employee Benefits; (2) Retirement, Health Care, and Life Insurance; (3) Services; and (4) Extending Employee Benefits.

Each chapter contains a chapter outline, learning objectives, key terms, discussion questions, and 2 brief cases.





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Category: Human Resources
ISBN: 1259712281
Binding: Paperback
Author: Joseph J. Martocchio
Pub Date: 1/17/2017


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