1259660265 – Essentials of Biology

1259660265 – Essentials of Biology by Sylvia S. Mader Dr.

1259660265 - Essentials of Biology
1259660265 –

Essentials of Biology is an introductory biology text for non-major students that can be used in a one- or two-semester course. It was prepared to provide non-science majors with a fundamental understanding of the science of biology. The overall focus of this edition addresses the learning styles of modern students, and in the process, increases their understanding of the importance of science in their lives. It was prepared to engage today’s students in the science of biology by providing a fundamental understanding of life. Digital resources and Connections boxes encourage the student to integrate scientific concepts into their lives. Essentials of Biology is fully integrated into McGraw-Hill’s adaptive learning and Connect platforms, and is associated with a number of online assets that allow instructors to use this text as a content foundation for traditional, online, hybrid and” flipped” classrooms.





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Category: Biology & Life Sciences
ISBN: 1259660265
Binding: Paperback
Author: Sylvia S. Mader Dr.
Pub Date: 1/24/2017


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