125944001X – Theatre, Brief Loose Leaf

125944001X – Theatre, Brief Loose Leaf by Robert Cohen

125944001X - Theatre, Brief Loose Leaf
125944001X -Robert Cohen and Donovan Sherman’sTheatre Brief, 11th Edition, continues to provide an insider’s guide to the world of theatre, where students are given a front-row seat. This lively introduction to theatre offers equal measures of appreciation of theatrical arts, history of performance, and descriptions of the collaborative theatrical crafts. Coverage of design, acting, and directing, as well as photo essays, provide a behind-the-scenes look at professional theatre artists performing their craft.

The authors illustrate live theatre through photographs from five continents, most of them showing recent stage productions, bringing to life many exciting theatre companies and productions. Play excerpts and outlines represent a wide range of theatrical achievement.Theatre Brief offers a vast updating of contemporary theatre in America and abroad. Virtually every paragraph synchronizes closely with today’s students throughout the English-speaking world.





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Category: Theater
ISBN: 125944001X
Binding: Loose Leaf
Author: Robert Cohen
Pub Date: 1/13/2016


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