113360398X – Geology and the Environment

113360398X – Geology and the Environment by Bernard W. Pipkin

113360398X - Geology and the Environment

Environmental geology is the study of the relationship between humans and their geological environment. An underlying assumption is that this relationship is interactive. Not only do naturally occurring geological phenomena affect the lives of people each day, but also human activities affect geological processes, sometimes with tragic consequences. Given the fact of growing global populations, the potential risk for experiencing abrupt, if not catastrophic, geological and climatic changes has never been greater for more people. During your lifetime there is a strong possibility that you will either indirectly or directly experience an earthquake, flood, landslide, volcanic activity, runaway release of pollutants, or some other significant environmental event that impacts your local community. A basic, practical understanding of geology is essential for understanding such events and for accepting and moving beyond them proactively.

This edition of Geology and the Environment benefits greatly from collaborative association with the National Geographic Society (NGS) in Washington, DC, which has made its resources available, including map and image archives, Society explorer materials, and online links supporting this textbook. In this way, the NGS enriches and extends our ability to teach the very important topic of environmental geology. The authors, publishers, and NGS all share the same educational goals. In fact, proceeds from the sale of this product support NGS’s mission to increase global understanding and promote conservation of our planet through exploration, research, and education.

We must be specific in speaking about geology—the study of the Earth. Unlike many introductory geology texts, this book does not deal extensively with the distant past, but rather concentrates on the here and now. Its contents may be divided into several general sections. The first three chapters “set the stage,” providing a context in terms of time, space, and process, for all of the chapter material to follow. This broadly includes an introduction to environmental issues, the climate and oceans of Earth, the schematic of geological time, and the raw materials that make up the bedrock and soil beneath your feet.

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Category: Environmental Studies: Books
ISBN: 113360398X
Binding: Paperback
Author: Bernard W. Pipkin
Pub Date: 1/1/2013

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