1118875869 – 1-2: Matter and Interactions

1118875869 – 1-2: Matter and Interactions by Ruth W. Chabay

1118875869 - 1-2: Matter and Interactions
1118875869 –Matter and Interactions, 4th Edition offers a modern curriculum for introductory physics (calculus-based). It presents physics the way practicing physicists view their discipline while integrating 20th Century physics and computational physics. The text emphasizes the small number of fundamental principles that underlie the behavior of matter, and models that can explain and predict a wide variety of physical phenomena. Matter and Interactions, 4th Edition will be available as a single volume hardcover text and also two paperback volumes.





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Category: Mechanics
ISBN: 1118875869
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Ruth W. Chabay
Pub Date: 1/12/2015


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