032335517X – Miller’s Review of Orthopaedics, 7e

032335517X – Miller’s Review of Orthopaedics, 7e by Mark D. Miller MD

032335517X - Miller's Review of Orthopaedics, 7e

The odyssey from the first edition— which began as little more than compiled notes with a working title of Basic Orthopaedic Notes Edited (BONE) and “scrapbook art” picked up from other Saunders/ Mosby (now Elsevier) textbooks— to the seventh edition has been quite an adventure. What has made that adventure especially rewarding is the crew that we have assembled along the way. The seventh edition of this book personifies, in all ways, a team effort. We invited many new but seasoned authors, mostly from our popular Miller Review Course (MRC), to participate in the creation in this edition. Most were assigned new coauthors and/ or sections that they had not worked on before. All chapters in the seventh edition have undergone major revisions: •

Chapter 1, “Basic Science”: We assembled the team that covers this exhaustive topic for MRC and asked them to completely revise the text.

• Chapter 2, “Anatomy”: We asked Dr. Gwathmey, who has taken over the orthopaedic anatomy course at the University of Virginia, to reorganize and update this material.

• Chapter 3, “Pediatric Orthopaedics”: Dr. Schmitz, a young and energetic pediatric orthopaedic surgeon, took the lead in doing a major overhaul of this chapter.

• Chapter 4, “Sports Medicine”: Drs. Thompson and Miller spent a lot of time and much of the art budget in replacing the scrapbook images with new artwork, including composite images.

• Chapter 5, “Adult Reconstruction”: Because we have recently broken up the topics of hip and knee arthroplasty for MRC, we took a similar approach for this chapter, and it is new and improved as a result. Advances in shoulder arthroplasty are also incorporated.

• Chapter 6, “Disorders of the Foot and Ankle”: Dr. Kadaka took the lead on expanding and revitalizing this part of the book. It is more organized and includes great new images.

• Chapter 7, “Hand, Upper Extremity, and Microvascular Surgery”: Drs. Chhabra and Brunton took one of the best chapters from the last edition and made it even better.

• Chapter 8, “Spine”: We invited Dr. Shen, new MRC lecturer (and veteran AAOS lecturer), to work on this chapter, and he made major changes, including tripling the number of images. We would be remiss if we did not recognize the former spine chapter author, the late Dr. William Lauerman. Please note the tribute to him in Dr. Shen’s chapter.

• Chapter 9, “Orthopaedic Pathology”: Dr. Holt made updating this important area of practice her personal mission, and it is a masterpiece (just like her lectures at MRC).

• Chapter 10, “Rehabilitation”: Dr. Hogan, new to both MRC and this book, did a great job with a very thorough revision.

• Chapter 11, “Trauma”: Dr. Hak took on the challenge of reorganizing and revising this important chapter, and it is much improved.

• Chapter 12, “Principles of Practice”: Dr. DeHart, one of the few remaining original MRC faculty members, has done his usual excellent job in updating this difficult chapter.

• Chapter 13, “Biostatistics and Research Design”: Dr. Hart has a knack for making statistics and research understandable, if not fun (OK, we won’t go that far).

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Category: Orthopedics
ISBN: 032335517X
Binding: Paperback
Author: Mark D. Miller MD
Pub Date: 12/30/2015

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